Custom House Agency

Ganesh Forwarders provides comprehensive and safe import and export customs clearing services. To provide the greatest customer experience we combine our customs clearance services to make you find transparency throughout the process. We keep you informed of the operation process, allow you to track your products, and guarantee that any delays are avoided to ensure the timely delivery of the goods.

With connections across the nation, we believe that our services make us the most favoured Customs House Agency in Visakhapatnam. The clearance of all transactional services for imports and exports at the designated custom station is guaranteed by our qualified team of experts who are knowledgeable about the most recent customs acts, laws, and processes.

  •  A custom house agency accomplishes the following functions:
  • We maintain complete and up-to-date records of all import and export transactions, tracking each step of every shipment.
  • In addition, we serve as a customs broker, organising the necessary paperwork in the best interests of importers and exporters in relation to the service they require.
  • Documenting the shipping invoices and bills of entry that are essential for the clearance of goods or vehicles.
  • Before allowing the products or vehicles to leave the nation or enter it, we shall physically inspect them.