Frieght Forwarding

Give us the job of transporting your cargo to its destination. We at Ganesh Forwarders strive to provide our customers with the best freight forwarding services.To maintain constant connection and information sharing with our clients, we use a sustainable service model during the freight forwarding process.

To get products from a manufacturer or producer to a market, client, or point of distribution in the end, we arrange shipments for either individuals or businesses. by engaging to a contract with a carrier, or sometimes with several carriers, to transport the products from one nation to another.

While acting as a logistics network specialist, we most definitely do not transport the items. Professional contract carriers can utilise Ships, planes, trucks, and railroads are shipping methods to forward the goods. Frequently, they combine many modes for a single shipment. Simply define, as freight forwarders, we might arrange for cargo to be transported by truck from a facility to an airport, then by plane to the destination city, and finally by another truck from the airport to the final destination customer’s building.

We Carry out a few steps involved in freight forwarding services:

  • Storing goods at the warehousing/Export Haulage
  • Export Customs Clearance
  • Origin Handling
  • Import Customs Clearance
  • Destination Handling
  • Import Haulage

The general procedure in this case has been simplified to the essentials, yet it is not as easy as it first appears. We properly plan and coordinate each component of a shipment and execute great care in freight forwarding services, to eliminate any risk or inconveniences, every step of the process, from initial handling to final delivery, is carefully scrutinised.